Tip toe with the social and political activities

Atmosphere and way of living (anthology, collected and edited by Z. Einat)

Joseph Epstein - Spark light the way 
Eliezer Poliushko - Tel-Hay school-ray of light 
Eliahy Gertel - The J.H. Brenner Memorial Library, 
In the "Trisker Shtiebel" 
Nathan Hadass - How the "Minyan" drove out evil spirits 
Yeheskel Ader - Trade between two world wars 
Joseph Schwartz - The Merchant Association 
Narrative of captain Leon Poretzky 
Israel Weiss - Disaster and hereoism 
Hava Follman - The liquidation of Hrubieszow Jewry 
Eliahu Silverblech - I shall never forget those days 
Chaia Dorembus - Who is Gitl of Hrubieszow 
Yankel Tschechovitz - And I remained alive 
Naftali Meil - How I saved myself 
Jacob Rosenblat, Abraham and Leib Lehrer  - The last days 

We, the children of Hrubieszow., feel that we are partners together with the holocaust survivors of our beloved town, we swear to keep alive the memory of those who perished in the death camps, in the ghettos and as partisans. 
The lessons of the holocaust and the heritage of heroism - command us and the next generations, to remember and never forget!


  • December 1, 1939: Death march to Bug River.
  • June 1, 1942: 3400 Jews evacuated and annihilated at Sobibor.
  • June 7-9, 1942: 2000 Jews evacuated and annihilated.
  • October 28, 1942: 2000 Jews evacuated and annihilated at Sobibor.
  • September 1943: Last 160 Jews liquidated by the Germans.