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As a registered charity, we rely on public support to continue and develop our vital work for remembrance of the Holocaust. There are many ways to support and memorize this kind of obligation and your donation will make a lasting effort to remember and never forget.
Our activities are world-wide in education for good deeds and tolerance, scholarships, tours and memorial conferences.

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Account name: Keren Kedoshei Hrubieszow in Israel (R.f)

Bank details: Hapoalim

IBAN: il 510126380000000383988


Hrubieszow, a God forsaken little town, on the South-East border of Poland, comes into the limelight thanks to a special person, whose name is Henry Orenstein.

He was only nineteen years old, when his life turned into an unforgettable hell, by being forced and led, consecutively, through five concentration camps, where the only outlet, were the gas chambers. He survives the Nazi craze, thanks to his extraordinary wit, intelligence and sheer luck.




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The roots of a jewish family lead everywhere over the world. Roots in the Iberian Peninsula - the Libermans for example: oral tradition tells that ancestors of the modern Biterman family originated in Spain. In March of 1492, when King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain ordered all Jews to either convert to Catholicism or leave Spain, ancestors of the Biterman family refused to convert.

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In memory of Hrubieszow's Victims of the Holocaust.

Prologue on the activities and deeds:
The commemorative activities carried out in Hrubieszow in recent years are an example and model for other Jewish communities that were destroyed during the Holocaust, this subject must be attend to also for the generations to come. In discussing the secret of the success of these much praised activities, it is worth taking a look at the first activities, each of whom contributed, in this own way, to converting the memory of the Holocaust to the next generations.

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